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Welding & Fabrication

Pipeline Products operate an in-house workshop which allows us to create many bespoke items.

Our skilled fabricators are able to create fully hygienic welds on most stainless steel applications.
Some we can manufacture are;

·         Adaptors

·         Hygienic Threaded fittings (bends, tees etc.)

·         Swept Tees

·         ‘Y’ Pieces

·         Lateral Tees

·         Seagull Tees

·         180° ‘U’ Bends

·         Bespoke fabrications

We also have facilities for some machining requirements, such as boring flanges or making hygienic hose tails.

If you would like any more information on our workshop and how we may be able to help you please contact the sales office 01275 873 103.


To visit our photo gallery with pictures from some of our workshop projects please click here.