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Hygienic Bends, Tees & Fittings

At Pipeline Products we consider ourselves the number one stockist in the UK for dairy bends, tees and fittings. We expect nothing but the highest quality material from our manufacturers and are able to offer extremely competitive prices. We stock the full range of dairy fittings in high volumes so we can offer very quick turnaround times and will not disappoint with items that have sold out.


90° & 45° Bends 90° & 45° Bends View Category » Equal, Pulled & Reducing Tees Equal, Pulled & Reducing Tees View Category » Crosses, Y-Pieces, Swept Tees & 'U' Bends Crosses, Y-Pieces, Swept Tees & 'U' Bends View Category »
Reducing Cones Reducing Cones View Category » Hose Tails Hose Tails View Category » End Caps & Collars End Caps & Collars View Category »
DIN 11852 Plain End Fittings DIN 11852 Plain End Fittings View Category »