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Hygienic Stainless Steel Unions

Over the last 30 years we have built a strong reputation for our knowledge and comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel unions. The basis for the company has been built around the hygienic unions and so we are able to boast very competitive prices and high volumes of stock. We are renowned amongst our customer base for keeping ‘many weird and wonderful things’ which separates us from our competitors and allows us to cater for all of your hygienic needs. 


RJT Weld Fittings RJT Weld Fittings View Category » IDF Weld Fittings IDF Weld Fittings View Category » DIN (Imperial & Metric) weld fittings DIN (Imperial & Metric) weld fittings View Category »
SMS Weld Fittings SMS Weld Fittings View Category » Clamp Fittings Clamp Fittings View Category » ILC Weld Fittings ILC Weld Fittings View Category »
3a ACME Weld Fittings 3a ACME Weld Fittings View Category » Union Spanners Union Spanners View Category »