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Hygienic Valves

Pipeline Products Ltd have a full range of hygienic valves to cover a number of fundamental processing tasks. The main range stocked is our ‘budget’ range, there is little branding associated with these valves which means we can offer a quality product at a very competitive price.

Pipeline Products are also the official distributors for Inoxpa.
Inoxpa are an internationally renowned manufacturer of valves, pumps and mixing equipment. They can offer an extra level of certification such as FDA or EHEDG. The level of support with Inoxpa equipment is very impressive, most valves come with an instruction manual and they have facilities to offer full testing. So, if the brand of the valve and all the benefits of a branded valve are important to you, we can offer many of the inoxpa valves and spares from stock.

Visit our Inoxpa section for more information


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